Let Them Go

Moving On

Let Them Go

Just Let Them Go

Whoever it was that came to mind

That person who broke your heart

Or left you with so many unanswered questions

That person whose name runs through

Your delicate mind over a thousand times

Each day, constantly worrying

Or nonstop obsessing over whether

They’re happier without you

Than they were with you

Let them go

I want you to remember

The reason why they left

In the first place

You keep telling yourself

That you should have done better

Could have done things to stop

Them from leaving you shattered

But in reality,

It just wasn’t meant to be

There’s no time machine

Or way to erase or take

Back the things you’ve said

The things you’ve done

Cannot be undone

I know it hurts

And I can’t tell you

That everything will be okay

Because in reality I don’t know

But hey, that’s okay

If they left, it was for a reason

You might not understand now

But when the time comes

All the missing pieces

All those little cues and subtle hints

Will fit together like puzzle pieces

Maybe if you re-trace your steps

You could see where it all fell apart

But don’t forget you still

Cannot change the past

Nothing you’ve said can be taken back

Remember I said I can’t tell you

That everything’ll be okay?

That’s because its Thursday

Nearly 58 days since he left

And counting each day

Is how I get by

Excuse me while I go cry

I won’t lie it hurts me everyday

Remembering everything

Re-thinking everything

But let me tell you something

All this time wasted thinking

About someone whose opinion of

Me doesn’t even matter

Is just taking up more time

And keeping me from finding better

So hey maybe it’s true

Everything will be okay

It might hurt a lot today

But tomorrow you could

Be sitting two feet away

From the love of your life

Or even worse,

The next person who breaks

The promise that they’ll stay

Either way, tomorrow is a new day

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