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Starburst Lights

by Tatiana Raudales 5 years ago in sad poetry
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The Shadow Figures

Colors fuse together

Shadows dance in unison

Caroling a tune I cannot hear

Their mouths march in perfect rhythm

I desperately reach for my lamp

It's time to fumble and

Hastily switch it on

Pray that God grants me another day

The reflection on the TV

A black screen, horrifying

I cannot look directly into my reflection

Or I'll see shadowy figures standing beside me

The light of my bedside lamp

Is nothing more than a glowing blob of light

The light radiates and sends the shadows far away

Every sound, every little sound is heightened

My breathing is stifled, my heart grows heavier in my chest

I cannot speak, I sit on my bed alone

At the very edge of my bed, I look up

I see them, mocking me

Casting their shadows and giggling

But I cannot hear their giggles

A few feet away from the foot of my bed

Is an open closet with no doors

And there she stands

The tallest shadow of them all

Though I cannot see her face, I feel her smile

Her eyes staring right back at me

She is nothing more than a blurred figure

Every sound is magnified

Paranoia, this deep gnawing fear

This fear that brings chills

I open my mouth to scream but she smiles wider

She knows she has her hold on me

My body sits petrified, with an open mouth

No sound comes out of me

No matter how loud I try to scream

That's when I turn on another light

And shine it directly in her face

She disappears as soon the light hits her

And there is nothing more than hangers and clothes

sad poetry

About the author

Tatiana Raudales

Queer Taino-Latine writer. Ghostwriter. Poet. Fantasy, romance, and paranormal writer. She/they/lu

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