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Let's Play Eye-Spy

by Troi Speaks 5 years ago in heartbreak
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*this is not a date*

iiiii spy with my little eye soomethiiing

Something green, yellow, purple


Iiiis it the plants? The lamp? The wheel on that guys wheelchair? Is it inside or outside? Can I have a hint? Do you give up? We laugh.

Like little kids cussing for the first time.

Saying "fuck" like it only means fuck.

Childish as we are, we play on and

with my little eye I saw you thinking but you say

"I'm just looking at you"

The doors and windows, a pillow, my eyeliner-

We've spent the whole day

Finding things that would have been out of place to someone else but we were already out of place ourselves

And we laughed at every bad joke we could make out of the irony.

Walking through eroded rocks to quench an undying wonder-lust isn't it funny that I can't look at you for too long? *...stop staring at me...*

Let's play a game.

I'll say a word. You tell me the first thing that comes to mind.





I spy with my little eye another gun barrel- a swirl of black and bronze and


I find them fascinating and hard not to jump.

Guns, bullets, choices, consequences,

The whole sh'bang.

See I'm a collector of sentimental shit like that.

I have a chest full of blanks and shells of different sorts and shapes and most say

"I love you".


About the author

Troi Speaks

this account is old and trash and of the work I shared is too. Which is fine, for this, because this is at list something- albeit its not great and I don't take this page/site too seriously but! it is proof, and dated, out in the open

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