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Let me drink in peace

by Jayce Lee about a year ago in slam poetry


Let me drink in peace
Photo by Kerstin Wrba on Unsplash

I hate all the haters

I mean the true haters

people that hate because it seems cool to hate

Like chill, breathe, and just take one step back

Not to say your opinion doesn’t matter

But let’s be honest it doesn’t

You’re trying to create meaning in your own life by pushing down on others

I don’t care about the stereotype

I don’t care that it’s way overdone

You’re not cool for being a nonconformist

In fact, by you trying so hard you’re conforming to those old hipster ways of being different

So stop and relax

I ain’t mad

Just annoyed that you’re wasting your breath and my time

What can I say it taste great

So let me enjoy my pumpkin spice latte in peace

slam poetry

Jayce Lee

I am a student who constantly procrastinates because my dog is acting cute.

Blog: sunnybrunch.com

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Jayce Lee
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