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Let Me Be Me

Do not let my clothes speak for me.

By Robyn WelbornePublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Under this dress, I am wearing lacy black underwear.

Under these pants, I am still wearing lacy black underwear.

Under my sports uniform, I am wearing those lacy black underwear.

I wear them for the sole purpose of me knowing that I am wearing them and not for your enjoyment.

They make me feel bold.

They make me feel sexy.

They make me feel free...

A statement to the world: Here I Am! I Am A Woman!

A statement that is not publicized but declared within as my secret.

I do not wear my lacy black underwear to be turned into a trophy for you to stare and gawk at.

I am not some prize to be won by the highest bidder.

I am still a person. My clothes do not speak for me.

Strip away anything that is controversial and you will see me.

Open and bare, I will stand.

No clothes. No walls. No lacy black underwear.

Just my emotions, my soul, and skin.

Miles and miles of my skin exposing everything that you so wrongfully lust over.

So yes, I am still wearing my lacy black underwear.

I will continue to wear lacy black underwear.

It does not define me as classless.

It is a statement for being a woman.

performance poetry

About the Creator

Robyn Welborne

I am an aspiring creative writer who is currently working for my double Associate’s Degree in English. My writing has no limits and no filter. Anything and everything from all genres; if I think about it, then I will write it down. Enjoy!

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