Let Me Be Me

Change isn't always a bad thing.

Let Me Be Me

years have been spent, where no matter what my intent...

the protective walls and barriers that once stood so tall...have become nothing left, but dust meant to fall.

never learning how to think for myself, and trained to do exactly as told...has turned fear and anxiety, into something inexplicably bold.

dark nights come and go, as days blur into an uncontrollable blow.

hidden underneath my skin, is pain...pain that starts from way down deep within.

longing so hard to learn to break free, from controlling sources, continuously smothering me.

who I once was, is not who I am now...so, please keep your silence, as the new me takes a bow.

meant to be free to roam, only I can choose my right home.

learn to set me free, and everything will just be...

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Jennifer Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
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Jennifer Petersen

love to think and pour my thoughts onto paper... i enjoy writing mostly poetry, but also enjoy to envelop myself in deep thoughts of humanity and life ...

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