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Let Me!

Live this life!

By Assi Published 6 years ago 1 min read

Let me enjoy , let me try

let me discover this world

let me cry on the sad moments

let me fly on this immense sky

let me experience, let me try

let me go down , let me go wrong

let me live the beauty of this life

let me try, let me discover my right

I want to go anywhere

lost myself on unknown path

stay awake in those endless nights

lose myself on those beautiful sights.

let me live this life

the freedom of my being

the freedom of my life!


About the Creator


A writer who is inspired by nature, love, friendship, justice, and beauty. A girl who loves to read and write poetry and create stories. A daydreamer and a human rights activist.

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    Assi Written by Assi

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