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Learning From My Mistakes


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

We used to be so friendly.

We used to be so close.

All the letters you sent me.

How the words easily flowed.

Now the thought of you offends me.

You said you'd be honest and it definitely showed.

It was too much honesty for me to take.

I am learning from my mistakes.

I remember you smiling as you took my hand.

I remember how it felt to have you by my side.

All those hours lounging on the sand.

How we watched in wonder at the rhythm of the tide.

Now I want those waves to engulf you on my command.

You said you were truthful when all the time you lied.

There were too many lies for you to fake.

Here I am learning from my mistakes.

Yesterday we shared a bed and everything was fine.

Yesterday I could not see the oncoming storm.

All that effort making your dinner and serving you wine.

It's not my fault you let the food go cold and the wine goes warm.

Now you need a science lesson or how to properly dine.

You said that my ring would be good to pawn.

There were too many promises for you to break.

Watch me now, walking out, learning from my mistakes.


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