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Live Slow, Die Old


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

People always in a hurry.

Getting hot and bothered like curry.

But why you gotta scurry tonight?

Have I kept you waiting?

What are you anticipating?

It won't affect your rating, all right?

Live slow, die old.

There is no need to be overbold.

Why you always speeding?

Are you really succeeding?

If the rest of us are bleeding out.

Are you late for an appointment?

Sorry to be a disappointment.

But you fill my confidence with doubt.

Live slow, die old.

Not everything pretty is gold.

You're skipping all the details.

And that is where you fail.

Do you think it's quicker to hail a cab?

Your bones are worked to dust.

Too paranoid to trust.

That's how you'll rust under a stone slab.

Live slow, die old.

Going fast won't keep you from the cold.

If you walk with leisure.

Then you'll experience the pleasure.

You'll understand the measure of time.

If you took a moment to look around.

Absorb the natural sound.

Then you are bound to know the sublime.

Live slow, die old.

You'll not regret keeping hold.


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Paul Crocker

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