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Lead, Love & Iron

by Cranial Origami 2 months ago in performance poetry
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Lead Love & Iron’s

I drank these wore out bones slap soggy. That ol familiar.

I want a go out west.

But, I ain’t changed.

I ain’t changed.

I ain’t changed?

I ain’t changed!

So I know it’s the same as here.

It’s a little bit queer, it’s so damn clear that I… what did you expect me to say.

Well I think I’m just freaking.

I can carry (surrender) as it burns alongside of my hate.

Should I ask forgiveness?

Wouldn’t change.

If I change.

If I change?

If I change!

Won’t be long till he’s back again.

The serenity of my pleasure is damning everything.

I just don’t get off the same anyway.

It’s ok.

It’s o.k.?

It’s okay!

It’s not love in that way.

My chalice is empty again.

It’s irrelevantly certain.

You melt the ice with the flames.

That ol familiar || taste.

Just roll it over.

It’s a little to much.

Stain the chalet (now) just a palate upon witch sits.

Fine crystal & china.

That no longer rings.

Oh that ol familiar… love what you’ve done with the place.



Any way!

We wear it on our face so we’ll.

I don’t know what to tell you but I’ve heard it said.

If a man’s found a cheater.

His woman’s same.

Men throw iron at pins when friendly.

They throw lead from the hip when they ain’t.

performance poetry

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Cranial Origami

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