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Late to the party

A poem

By Tressa RosePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Late to the party
Photo by Evelyn Cosplay on Unsplash

I often try and look back

To see how we ended up here

On such opposite sides

When at the end of the day

We both had the same goal.


I guess you have always been that thorn in my side

Just like I your kryptonite

But tell me this much,

Was the twist still in the knot

When the whole thing came loose?


You had me decieved

The whole time thinking I was playing checkers

When we were really playing chess

I tried playing by your rules

I really did

But when push came to shove

Well let's just say you always knew what button to press


To make me feel like the mad hatter

Lost in wonderland

Late to the party


You're a self-admitted control freak

I was a self-acknowledged push over

I was just a little girl thinking she knew it all


Well you were just an old bully,

Still are

Only difference is I'm not so young and naive

And you lost your intimidation.


Sadly it was just a little to late

So I ask you again

How did we get here?

And more importantly

How do we make it stop?


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About the Creator

Tressa Rose

On a serious self-discovering, soul-searching journey. Breaking myself out of a stagnant shell and reaching out for my dream of being a writer. Small steps but this is my start! Please help me by commenting your feedback, I'd be grateful!

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  • Kenny Penn3 months ago

    Great poem, I have to echo Dharrsheena, really loved the checkers and chess analogy

  • Ah the checkers and chess, I really loved that analogy! Your poem was so beautifully written!

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    It's a poignant exploration of how two individuals ended up on opposing sides despite sharing a common goal, and the lingering question of how to halt this discord.

  • I so really love your poem

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