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Lady of the Water

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 5 days ago in love poems

A Maritime Tribute To My Muse

Colleen Millsteed shared a poem called “No More Me” which was subtitled “It’s Game , Set and Match To You” which reminded me of the title of a Nic Jones album. Nic Jones’ masterpiece is “Penguin Eggs” which contains the seafaring lady tale “Canadee-I-O” which has one of the most beautiful guitar intros ever, which got me to thinking about writing a maritime based tribute to my beautiful Muse.


There is an ocean, where you are the queen

You sail the seas capturing sailors hearts

Water Lady My Elemental Force

Like the maiden of the Luna , Selene


You are a mermaid, a maiden , a sylph

You are your own woman , controlled by none

Your strength to behold, a bright shining sun

You rule your domain by strength of your will


Above and below the waves, you rule it all

Your subjects respect and love you tis true

Obey your commands , they follow your call

Countenance of beauty, you will pursue

Lady of Water, Atlantis to Gaul

A queen of forever, her riches are due


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