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Ladies and Gentlemen

A Thing of the Past?

By Jason ProvencioPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Ladies and Gentlemen
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

In a world that moves much too brisk,

Where no one fears to take a risk.

There are those who only seek attention,

Facts and knowledge, no retention.

They post videos on social media,

Instead of reading an encyclopedia.

Barely dressed, bodies exposed,

Bits and pieces, their goodies are posed.

I wonder where they learn this from,

Those basic dances, all so dumb.

For we won't always be so young and strong,

Our teenagers know no right from wrong.

The audience, just like Peeping Toms,

Can see it all on these dot coms.

Self-respect has gone away,

A new views record is set today.

The less you wear, the more you dance,

The filter used, your looks enhanced.

They think it helps their self-esteem,

They're simply living in a dream.

They long to become internet famous,

But when rejected, they feel the lamest.

Good looks, comments, sex appeal,

None of which are actually real.

The person who's inside of you,

Doesn't care if you get viewed.

Strive to be the best you can,

A caring woman, a peaceful man.

When you grow up and look back on this,

Social media, you will not miss.

Class and manners are far too rare,

Not that most of you would care.

Young people, listen and hear my words,

Being an influencer is for the birds.

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Jason Provencio

76x Top Writer on Medium. I love blogging about family, politics, relationships, humor, and writing. Read my blog here! &:^)


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