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Know Thy Self

Here today

By Ruben De EscapadoPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo taken by me on my Canon 50mm film camera.

Gentle in her arch

Golden in her shimmer

Above her but ever-distant

The way she balances above the world.

Twin demons of chaos,

indentured to famine and war.

Shackled--balefully bound to their gong.

Apocalypse ripples in our heads.

As I sit in the courtyard

of a dead man from Spain,

walls sponged in dirt and love.

Porcelain Pompeii; brass people crystalize the pain.

Oh, the anguish of gentle stillness!

Watch as my copper rusts away.

Yet, the frame--my cast

echoes in an endless river.

My soul remains.

If not tomorrow,

then always today.

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About the Creator

Ruben De Escapado

Most know me as a poet sitting on a park bench in Central Park. Writing poetry for strangers. Before that I lived a life and learned a few things. Now I listen to what the world had to teach others. Believe in yourself and be honest. Okay.

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