Keep It Going

by Kendall Earl about a year ago in sad poetry

Ten Minutes

Keep It Going

Four hours left

You can do this

Look away from the clock

Stretch it out a bit

You'll be fine

Shift on your feet

You'll be fine

Three hours left

You feel the pain

An occasional twitch

Like a prick

From the side of the heel

Poking and Jabbing

Stop complaining

You enter as easy as you leave

You will leave soon

You'll may be fine

Shift on your feet

You'll may be fine

Two hours left

A consistent stab

Twisting into the tendons

Don't let them see you hurt

Stabbing and twisting deep

Don't let them know you hurt

One hour left

You lasted this long

Keep it up and keep it going

Stabbing and shooting up the legs

Forty five minutes left

Talk to your people

Don't think of the pain

Focus on the people

Thirty minutes left

Hold back the tears

Swallow the cries

Have to be fine

Don't let them see

Have to be fine

Fifteen minutes left

How much more can this hurt?

A lot as it turns out

Your knees hurt now

How did it get to your knees?

How can it burn and sting at once?

You don't know

Five minutes left

Time is going too slow

The clock is just teasing you

Mocking your pain

So cruel but deserved

You entered as easy as you will leave

You will leave soon

Just hang on

Three minutes left

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

One minute left

Almost done you can do this

Almost over

Get ready to move

Zero Minutes left

You did it

Enjoy this moment

Remember this feeling

But prepare for tomorrow

So it can all start again

sad poetry
Kendall Earl
Kendall Earl
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