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Kaleidoscope of Me

by Amy Marley about a year ago in inspirational
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Primary colours mixed to see | Poetry

Iguazu Falls - Rainbow Coloured Me - Photo taken by my friend of me

Physical skin Gifted by kin Darkest with sun and summer fun Fades away With winter’s day

Where do I belong?

Who's to say

With no labels at play

Misunderstood Ifs and shoulds Wills and wonts Dos and don’ts


Perspective change Spectrum range Twists and turns Emotions churn Energy earned Energy lost Joy To Drama Balance the cost Mindset the farmer Positive a charmer Or fake harmer Negative focus Shadow led hocus-pocus


Wither to blue When not seen as true Expectations Assumptions Judgement Fear of rejection running the show Power plummets to a survival low


Anger to action Sparks ego’s reaction Blame the game Victim and shame Pain ignites red Stress is fed Body set to freeze, fight or flight Blinding clarity of insight Takes courage and strength To ride a new wavelength


Look within Feelings begin Breathe deep and slow Calmness starts to grow Intentional space Thoughts still may race Flick the switch to wonder New beliefs to ponder


Worrier to warrior Pain to euphoria Life appreciation Stops depreciation Catching the bloom Of hope in the room Reflect, refract Love becomes Persistent fact


Reds yellowed Presence mellowed Smile returns Authenticity earned


Seasons magnified Shadows unified Vibrational clues By colours so few Choose rainbow hues In every moment of new


I become more me Others' start to see Empathy For infinite blends Acceptance transcends


Blissful peace Now in reach


About the author

Amy Marley

Energy seeker who is amused to be confused...often!

Loves to play and rhyme along the rollercoaster journey called life.


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