Jack of All Trades

Costumed Truth

Jack of All Trades

He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

He's considered every move; every step.

Stalking his prey...

Soothing words;

Coaxing the scared to come out of hiding.

Manipulating a false security.

Building a cage of vulnerability.

Waiting for the perfect moment to strike...

He's a rattlesnake; hidden.

Watching from the brush.

Sharp and quick

A moments' hesitation leaves you dead.

He infects you slowly...

Steadily killing you one day at a time.

Waits for that hesitation;

Delivering the kiss of death.

He's an actor and the world is his stage.

Adapting to what you want in this life.

Slowly drawing you in;

Turning into prince charming.

Whispering sweet nothings;

Slowly destroys everything about you.

Reading the script from another time;

Soaking up the limelight.

He's the devil in human form.

Eyes the color of fresh dug graves.

No mercy; no compassion.

Just takes what he wants until he's satisfied.

He not only wants your body,

But your soul as well.

No remorse; no love.

He just laughs when he's conquered and won.

heartbreaksurreal poetry
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