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It was a pleasant journey of memories.

Journey of life memories.

By Vichaar Published 3 months ago 1 min read
It was a pleasant journey of memories.
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it's evening time
it's rainy outside
The office is also closed now and now,
It's time for me to go home too...

the destination is far from home
Motorcycle handle in hands
And on the road
of cold winds
There was relief on the face...

Now there is relief on the face
effect of this
sitting inside me at rest happened
under the influence of peace for a while
it was just past that my
motorcycle currently
And I happened in the past...

Pictures of memories started playing, all of them
who was decorated
all in the frams of my life

This is my journey of pictures over the years
Which was completed in a few minutes...

Thinking about the journey of these memories
I went to my destination smiling
this journey
of my memories
It was a pleasant journey...

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of these thoughts that human has become the most important species in the world, it is these thoughts that have made man the son of God or the son of Satan, therefore whatever your thoughts may be, they are important.
I am write my thoughts

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