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It should be love! I think so...

by Arpan Das 3 months ago in love poems

It should be love! I think so a young man's search for his soul mate. He meets her behind her father and is stunned by her dazzling eyes. Yess! yess! beated my heart! he exclaims to his girlfriend.

It should be love! I think so...
Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash

When the world runs busily

behind money

I met her

behind her father.

The dazzling eyes showed

a different story..

I stunned upon looking her

I..1 ..!! had a different feel...

pinched myself

to check my pulse..

checked my pockets.as

I thought someone had

stolen my heart

Is it Love ? I asked..

Yess! yess! beated my heart...

instead of his regular LUP and TUPS

Upon seeing her passing by

lazed my shoes and

rushed to my bike

raced the traffic and

dashed to her...

Hey princy......

look me ! look me ! for at once

if you do so, I will impressed

love me ! love me ! for a second

then I will love you till my end

love poems

Arpan Das

Arpan is a Travel Blogger and a Professional Freelance Writer.

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Arpan Das
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