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It’s Been 3 Years Since I Lost My Daughter

A poem

By BurkPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
It’s Been 3 Years Since I Lost My Daughter
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In joyous anticipation,

A daughter we yearned,

But fate had other plans,

Our dreams overturned.


A diaphragmatic hernia,

A condition unforeseen,

Our little one’s organs,

Misplaced, a cruel scene.


The doctors spoke of chances,

As fragile as a thread,

But hope still flickered,

In our hearts, it spread.


A balloon inserted,

To help the lung grow,

A glimmer of hope,

In the midst of woe.


But fate intervened,

Labor came too soon,

The balloon still in place,

A cruel twist of doom.


Our daughter was born,

Beautiful and serene,

But her lungs were too weak,

To breathe on their own, it seemed.


In our arms, she passed,

A life so brief,

Our hearts shattered,

In overwhelming grief.


There were never any guarantees,

Only hope that swayed,

But now our world is forever changed,

In a somber, gray way.


The implication of life,

Is the inevitability of death,

A cruel paradox,

That steals our breath.


Our daughter’s memory lives on,

In our hearts, she’ll reside,

A beacon of hope,

In the darkness, we hide.


Nothing will ever be the same,

Our love for her will endure,

A testament to the power of love,

That transcends all that is pure.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss 🥺 I can only imagine your pain and devastation

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