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It is all a bit scary

by Jeannine Kauffmann 7 days ago in social commentary

Life is such a burden.

It is all a bit scary
Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

It is all a bit scary,

The big unknown is frightening but being scared can give you wings,

Strength you never knew you had,

Determination you never thought possible.

Let go, unburden yourself

Free yourself,

Do your work,

Do not look for a job but do what you enjoy doing and do it with joy and contentment.

Find people who make time for you to listen and be there,

Not just because you could be useful for their life

And because they know you will not say No.

Live places where you can really be yourself,

And must not live in-semi hiding to avoid stares and insults.

Remember to be kind, to make time to listen

And not just because the other might be useful to you.

Find activities that help you to think and grow,

Not just one day hobbies but things that ground you and give you sustenance.

Learn you make silence your friend,

Listen to what the wind can teach you.

Count the rains drops as a thanksgiving.

Hurdles are never put in place for you to fail,

But because they will help you towards yourself.

It is frightening,

Cannot remember when I last was so scared.


social commentary
Jeannine Kauffmann
Jeannine Kauffmann
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Jeannine Kauffmann
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