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More Than a City

By Yoga PhratamPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Then I remembered.

My childhood dream.

Seasonal winds blowing,

whenever they wanted.

The kite snapped.


My mother kissed me.

Blushing red cheeks

Destiny awaits,

in a pleasant dream.


Florists in the city alleys

Why do you ask me?

I'm not here.

It's not always simple.

to love without realizing it.

Take your time and get used to it.

It's raining in Istanbul,

and my eyes are welling up.

The seagull chuckled.

and even dancing.

Bosphorus, Istanbul/ Turkiye

Sailing ships.

The wind is racing, anchoring,

and pulling over the Bosphorus.

which is running out of space.

Uskudar is a rest stop.

Hagia Shopia, Isatnbul/ Turkiye.

Hagia Sophia, how are you?

Are you still standing?

Glass window,

decoration that defies logic.

A dangling mast , 

and massive wooden doors.

Galata Tower, Istanbul/ Turkiye.

How did I forget you?

Ahh.....Galata Tower

Soaring through the clouds

City ​​landscape

The beauty of night,

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Istanbul/Turkiye.

Calm and warmth

hustle and bustle


Not just a city.


More than just a dream

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Yoga Phratam

Welcome to my Vocal-Media. Through my collection of soul-stirring poetry, immerse yourself in the rhythm of words and the melody of emotions. Join me on this poetic voyage where each line tells a story and elicits emotions.

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  • Gabriel Rhadie5 months ago

    Great Poem. I loved it

  • This was so wonderful! Loved your poem!

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