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Interest In The Grass

For my dog, Colby. He sat next to me as I wrote this.

By Justin MurrayPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

...and that’s when I first saw you

Let in from the back room

you’ve been hiding in all your life

All 12 weeks

You hugged Jess and that was it

A new cloud in the sky, mostly virtue

We drank you in like morning dew


Without a face, there is no mask, you are

the willingness to strike and bask.

When it’s all for keeps,

there’s nothing to argue.

whatever you want

I'll always let you


as we grew, grey pixels congealed a vivid hue -

You said -

Conceiving me is not unlike you ~

Debating if you knew that too


You save our friends, you know.

Someone, somewhere, is breathing

while others,


You wouldn’t take our breath away

I inhabit your planet.

You are gravity.

You are the main character.

I live to make you proud

love poems

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Justin Murray

A home for the thoughts I (somewhat) organize.

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