Inside the Chambers of Our Hearts

by Nadia Khan 10 months ago in love poems


Inside the Chambers of Our Hearts

I love power rangers

But this is something we should keep between ourselves

The stupid theme song I sang shouldn’t leave the comfort of this room

It should remain beneath the sheets of this bed

No one should have the privilege of knowing this

Just like the soft kisses you planted on my body

You shouldn’t share them with anyone else

Just like the secrets you know now

About me that only the walls of my room know

Stories that lie not in my garden outside

But in the posters on my wall inside

Because what the world wants to see

Is what none of us want to be

But it’s also true

That the best things lie in the four walls of our rooms

Inside the chambers of our hearts

And in the things never said out loud

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Nadia Khan
Nadia Khan
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