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When a Girl Tells You She Loves You

by Nadia Khan 4 years ago in love poems
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A Love Poem

When a girl tells you she loves you

It won’t be the first time you hear this

You'll be surprised that it wasn’t over a text

Instead it'll be on a little note attached to a bunch of roses that aren’t red

Or if you’re lucky, she'll tell you in person but she'll be drunk

Whatever’s the situation, you'll smirk because you don’t believe her

Because you don’t have a reason to

Because those words have been handed to you a countless times before

Each time with a different promise concealed with the same hidden motive

She'll never forget each tiny little detail of the stories you tell her about your past

Just pretend to not recall

When a girl tells you she loves you'll hear sirens

Of every relationship that ended badly, sirens telling you to run

That's when you learned that when a girl says she loves you

It means that she is starting to trust you and your little fables

Forgetting that she's not Cinderella

She'll say she love you and her cheeks will turn red out of shame

And when you’ll hold her in your arms you will feel something pounding against your chest

That embrace will eventually end

Weeks will turn into months, and fall will crust into winter

Nowhere, just out of the blue

You would want to have her in your arms

Would do anything to hear those words again

But all you’ll hear is silence

If you're lucky enough, you'll hear the soft cold snow hitting your window

But you’ll realize that time has passed

And like it always does, it has erased things

And closed once opened doors

And as you think these things through

There will be something damp on your cheeks

Something you used to detest

Something you couldn't stand

It is funny how you're turning into things you could never imagine

It's true

The magic has lifted itself

It ain't a fable anymore

You're mortal again

Her spell did work

Because she meant every single word of it

She wasn’t just another silly girl, remember?

She was Cinderella, remember?

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About the author

Nadia Khan

Poetry and Art Lover

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