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by Sarah Jane about a month ago in fact or fiction · updated about a month ago
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People Change. Ink Remains.

That Goal Completion Glow After Years of Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Research ✨💎⛏️🤘🏼 #geobabe

I see her almost everyday

She sees me working hard and grinding away


Today she saw me and said

she didn't recognized me


If I had a dollar for everytime

someone told me that

over all these years I've changed

I wouldn't have student debt to pay


She said she only recognized me

because the tattoo on my finger


She sat and listened to me speak

but it took her a while to realize it was me


"The f-hole gave it away."

As she saw my hands

move across the paper

"The resonance, not the integral!"


The ink stains helped her remember

who I was

after she was reintroduced

to who I am


I guess you glow different

when you change internally

but the ink on your skin

remains imprinted


People change


but ink underneath skin

marks the path of who you were

before who you became

fact or fiction

About the author

Sarah Jane

Writing has been Sarah's passion since she was 7 years-old when she began writing poetry and short stories. Now, she's sharing her gift with the world. Subscribe, and come take a whirl in her words.

Tips are appreciated!

IG: @sarahjane.speaks

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