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by Muhammad iqbal 11 months ago in love poems
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Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash


I cannot see the way your eyes have enlightened me.

I couldn't taste you the way I wanted when I kissed you.

I would say I needed more time to recap the touch

of your hands driving my back, controlling me.

We were standing up when I yelled at you that night.

One more glance and you would've been out of here

With your chest throughout my hands and my arms,

But we didn't have the time, there were no privacy.

And when I have the time, when I can seat with you

There's no way I can say how much I love you

My tongue gets twisted and my eyes get shy

Like it always's our first time meeting.

And my body just wants to propel towards yours.

And my head just wants to rest on your spine.

And my arms just wants to hug you

And say, the way I can, how much I need you

Because you are the guy with whom I dreamed of

(All the time)

You are the one I always wanted and I'm proud of

(My boy)

You make my heart beats crazy and I become a foolish when your hand touches me

(Keep working on me)

And by the time your lips collapse and expand with mine I just feel fine and released.

(Never leave me)

love poems

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