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Indigenous People

"what we are"

By Gloria PenelopePublished 22 days ago 1 min read
Indigenous People
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Indigenous peoples

That's us.

That's what we are.

We live in the forest.

We are the uncontacted tribes.

Contacting us

may not always be safe.

We don't wish to be contacted.

We are okay with our retro lifestyle.

We dance, we do our own ceremonies

We do our traditional rituals

following our roots,

our culture.

ur own remedies.

During illness, we help each other heal. 

Our lives have been like this for years.

We require nothing from the modern world.

We are safe here.

From the rivers, we drink fresh water.

From the bees, we eat fresh honey.

From hunting, we eat the best fresh meat.

Our lives are all perfect in their own unique ways.

All thanks to the natural wild forest.

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About the Creator

Gloria Penelope

Every creative piece is just me telling a story. Enjoy my creative writing!

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Esala Gunathilake22 days ago

    Glad to read this. There is a kind of indigenous people like this in our country too!

  • I can resonate with this. I love it! 😊

  • Dear Gloria Penelope, I just read your piece "Indigenous People" and I wanted to express my admiration for your heartfelt and evocative writing. Your portrayal of the indigenous way of life, with its deep connection to nature and traditions, beautifully captures the essence of their unique existence. The imagery of rituals, natural remedies, and self-sufficiency is both powerful and enlightening. Thank you for sharing this insightful and poetic perspective. It truly resonates and invites readers to appreciate the richness of indigenous cultures. Warm regards, Dr. Jay

  • I wish I was part of their tribe as well. Loved your poem!

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