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In the Embrace of Now

- The Gossamer Threads of Memory

By Dawnxisoul393artPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the realm where time unfurls its wings

Memories dance, like ethereal beings

Drifting away on wisps of the past

A fragile tapestry that forever lasts

But between memories and the present's embrace

An impenetrable paper, a sacred space

They exist on separate shores, you see

Bound by the laws of destiny

For memories, they hold a tender sway

In the repository of moments, where they stay

They whisper secrets of days gone by

Echoes of laughter, tears, and sighs

Yet memories cannot bridge the divide

To where the present moments reside

For now is the realm where life is bred

Where dreams awaken, and footsteps tread

The present, an eternal stream of now

Unfolding with each breath we allow

It defies the grasp of memories' hold

A canvas anew, waiting to unfold

In memories' realm, time stands still

Moments frozen, a precious thrill

But the present, it surges with vibrant might

A symphony of colors, painting life's sight

For memories are treasures, cherished and dear

But the present beckons, crystal clear

It calls us to savor each precious day

To live fully in its vibrant display

Oh, memories, like whispers in the breeze

They fade and tangle, like autumn leaves

But the present, it pulses with ceaseless grace

A symphony of moments, a timeless embrace

So let the memories drift away, my friend

Embrace the present, where life descends

For memories may dwell in the realm of the past

But now is where our stories are cast

In the dance of moments, let us reside

With hearts open wide, let us decide

To seize the present, with passion and zest

For it's in the now, we truly invest

So, let the memories weave their gentle sway

As we embrace the present, day by day

For memories are but whispers of what's been

While the present, it's where our futures begin

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About the Creator


Dawnxisoul393art, an illustrator and designer couple living on a remote island in Hong Kong.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (4)

  • Sasi Kalaabout a month ago

    Beautiful poem!

  • Dawnxisoul393art (Author)about a month ago

    P.S. As I conclude these lines, I am reminded of the delicate dance between memories and the present. Memories, like ethereal beings, drift away on wisps of the past, creating a fragile tapestry that forever lasts. Yet, they exist on separate shores, bound by the laws of destiny, unable to bridge the divide to where the present moments reside. While memories hold a tender sway in the repository of moments, it is the present that surges with vibrant might, an eternal stream of now, beckoning us to savor each precious day. Memories may fade like whispers in the breeze, but the present pulses with ceaseless grace, offering us a symphony of moments and a timeless embrace. So, let us embrace the present, where our stories are cast, and seize each moment with passion and zest, for it is in the now that our futures truly begin.

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I agree with Andrea below! I loved your wonderful poem!

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    Beautifully done - Yet memories cannot bridge the divide To where the present moments reside Pulling readers to the present! However, in one second, the present is the past, LOL.

Dawnxisoul393artWritten by Dawnxisoul393art

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