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In the Dark

The Madman’s Tale - Nightmare Melodies Series

By CyCyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
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In the Dark

Please note that this horror poetic series is dark and purely fictional. In no way shape or form it glorifies violence and other horrible behaviours.

Reader discretion is highly advised.

In the dark

I heard your call.

By the ocean

Where I wrote my songs.

Each note told a tale

Of a lost love 

Left unsung.

Drunk with passion

I've never felt before!

Brain filled with lust.

Turmoil in my soul.

A craving for a touch

From a stranger

That I never met before!

In the dark

Where I heard your call.

In my dreams

Where you sang me songs.

Of promised love

That satiated lust

And of companionship

That I so longed to own.

In the dark

Where I held fantasies of you.

A stranger that I've never met before.

But that voice sang unsung love songs.

Whispers of passion

That gripped my heart.

In the dark

I satiated my fantasies of you.

By the ocean 

Where I wrote you my songs.

Where I saw you rose from the sea

With another man

In your arms!

In the dark

I felt a different type of passion.

A craving.

A madness that tore my soul.

You sang me songs of great love.

Of intimacy that only you and I shared.

In the dark.

Oh, in the dark!

You ought to be mine.

You ought to be mine.


- - 

Hi, I'm CyCy!

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!

This is the 2nd poem of my horror/thriller poem series called The Madman's Tale.

This came from a nightmare of mine where a bard "fell in love" with a siren. Did he know that she was a siren? We will see.

Shout out to one of my faves, Phoebus Apollo 🖤☀️

Thanks for singing these poems, guiding me with composing music, and showing me different types of art.

A true bestie here. xo

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    This was so poignant and very beautifully written!

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