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In Search

by DeAndre Barnes 2 years ago in love poems
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Looking for a soulmate #VocalNPM

In Search

I Looked For you...

my soul called for you down

dark alleys, late night laundromats and Train stops....

I hopped turnstiles, cheated cab drivers

and conversed with the homeless

hoping it would lead me to your footsteps...

See I know You

you stole my heart in 42'

during the war

I awoke calling for you

but wasn't me

my shell wasn't the same however my insides still yellow

as ever the fear of losing you again made me

think i didn't need you

dying a million deaths a million breaths later i found you

not in the physical your essence still has traits of mine

so when i awoke in this time i knew completion was near

now i'm Liam Neeson although you don't recognize me

I possess a certain type of skills you cant evade

a love you cant escape because you aren't even aware

this is even real yet

i mean you seen it in movies the good guy gets the girl right?


this is full on war for your spirit

not to own you but to fuse with you

see Ive walked for what feels like ions

watch Falling stars hover because their tired

of wishes for us to align

and even now I get this chill in my spine that your reading this....imagining my smile,

jumping thru centuries searching for our chemistry

scanning for the 572 times we met for the first time

the 400 times you said no to a date but changed your mind later the other 172 times i saved you from danger

i'll always save you

whether it be from a robber

or the guy at your Job that always stares but never says anything.

I get it he's creepy

But I digress

Im gonna find you

and when i do imma hold til planets burst

collecting the powder creating a map

To you so when it happens again

the stamp on our hands will remind us

this world is our play grounds if we play together...

love poems

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DeAndre Barnes

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