In Love of the Memory of You

For the Times We Shared

In Love of the Memory of You

A memory of you,

makes me in love at the thought of you.

Your touch makes my life complete.

Your eyes say it all,

when ours meet halfway,

when our fingers find their way

where to sway

at the place it needs to stay.

Slightly we brush each other's hair as our mouths

open and make it say all words we can,

say what words can make of

what love ought not to do

only love could make ourselves


Upon your arm, I rest my eyes,

Onto your body is all I need,

with that warm heart makes me love,

and with your lips I am at peace.

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Oliver Melendez

Loves epic and mythic verses and quatrains. Connosieur of poetry in every medium and aspect of thou'st form, ryhme and metre.

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