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in a moment of distress, i seek the solace of your presence

something sweet and comforting

By Canaan TricePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
in a moment of distress, i seek the solace of your presence
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seeking solace as the tears beg for an escape

i long for the comfort we make

wanting to remember the closeness and divinity of these friendships

the moments of steadiness

the smell of rain hanging in the air before a thunderstorm

knowing she will catch my heavy body after a long day

the sound the tea kettle bellowing in the kitchen as i seek rest under a culmination of her arms and the cashmere wrapped around the both of us

our favorite candle lighting the living room as rain rolls down the window pane

i want to package up the sound of her foot steps on the hardwood floor when she sneaks out early in the morning and play it on days like this

but comfort is also the sunlight peaking through the blinds before my alarm has gone off warming my cheeks

the kitchen with music and laughter ringing in the air

i love the smell of her clean hair

and watching her fiercely write against the clock that says she must stop

coffee in the afternoon tucked in the corner wearing my favorite sweatshirt

the feeling of a pen gripped tightly between my fingers as my hand moves across the soft lined paper of my beat up notebook

it’s watching the sunset in the spring time

or intensely looking for her favorite constellation in the fall

it’s her fingers resting in my hair as if they belong there

this solace is a result of your presence in my moment of distress

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About the Creator

Canaan Trice

Hi, my name is Canaan. I am just a girl who loves to write about the life happening around me and within me. I hope you enjoy.

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