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the corner booth

by Canaan Trice 3 months ago in inspirational
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exploring time and space and self love

the corner booth
Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

there’s a booth in the corner of my favorite coffee shop

i sit there contemplating what life has to offer

intently observing the world around me

desiring connection and growth

but what is it like to wear the weight of empathy?



this booth in the corner is where i rest my head

learning the lessons of love

love for this body,

this skin,

and all of the emotions and feelings living within

here lies the process, grit, and hard work that come with greeting vulnerability with a gentle kiss



i will let you in

please teach me how to see the girl in the mirror without a lens of condemnation and judgement

taking the time to lay down expectations and standards i’ve set for myself

there is no room for failure

a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary



the knowledge i hold

a culmination of trauma and grace

created to take up space

the booth in the corner reminds me i am loved too



freedom to runs through my hand onto the page

i'll lay it all out for you

exposed with truth

in this corner booth


About the author

Canaan Trice

Hi, my name is Canaan. I am just a girl who loves to write about the life happening around me and within me. I hope you enjoy.

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