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By Tony herlinPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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A spring morning comes to meet us.

Sweet words on our lips and in our minds.

Without knowing why, the love that unites us.

The flame in your eyes but also in mine.

An old village so beautiful, in a flowery garden.

The fear of a kiss on your soft and tender lips.

Our souls that are one and our hearts mingle.

But the common discomfort, leaves, and smiles at us.

A field of dancing wheat, a reflection on the water.

The echo of a bird's song, lost on the shore.

The wind blows on your skin, the emotion in my eyes.

A question that arises, just for the two of us.

In the evening of our life, when the sun sets.

I take your hand and lose myself in your eyes.

I wonder why we are always happy.

Our souls and our hearts falling in love.

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About the Creator

Tony herlin

A dreamer who neither speaks nor writes English, a difficult but highly instructive exercise. (Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused).

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    Tony herlinWritten by Tony herlin

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