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Poem #6

By Ashlyn HarperPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Benjamin Lambert on Unsplash

A match in the dark dreary room ignites

Letting off a beautiful siren of light

I cannot fathom the world around me

But within this light I feel as if I can see

Falling and spiraling

My mind starts to wander

What does it all mean?

The flame flickers off the empty walls

Calling my name; all fears start to fall

Do I dare begin to dream a simple dream?

Let the amber flames flicker with an evil gleam

What do we do

When all our ideas

Turn into jumbled thoughts?

While the walls start to crumble and ash

Light starts to emerge in a huge flash

Belting out colors that only the mind can endure

Singing a song that will truly cure

With the dark gone

Does that mean

That the light conquers?

I let the fire ignite the dark room

That burned the walls; burned the gloom

Within my mind I let the flames start

Inspiration begins with a match and some heart


About the Creator

Ashlyn Harper

A chaotic room of stories. My curiosities lead me in all types of directions, creating a chaotic writing pathway. I want this place to be for experimenting, improving my craft, and sharing new ideas with anyone willing to read them.

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