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If only God was my dog

by Kassy Mannoua Amoi 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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A poem title, not a fact.

Chester the Chihuahua (12 years of age) happiest in habitats of external domain

If only God was my dog

he'd be the happiest little fur baby alive


He always gets to go outside.

If only God was my dog

I'd convince him to cure the virus for no charge


He'd get to drag his butt along the carpet without a shout

from me nor my girlfriend (even if it's her house).

If only God was my dog

I'd get a whole new joy from explaining to him that other dogs exist


Whenever his tail would wag nervously as his body stiffened

whenever a new friend, big and small, would give him a sniff.

If only God was my dog

I'd be a different kind of proud when they'd come around


any member of mankind who'd pass him by and dote with an "aww"

or "how old is she?" ("oh he?!") or "he's so small!".

If only God were my dog

I'd talk to him about giving me better signs


I'm not slipping my mind, it's just sometimes I'd get annoyed when he

whines, cries or tears fill his eyes

to let me know it's time to go outside or when he wants to announce to skies

that he just had the best chicken meal inside.

If only God was my dog

I'd take him to places he forgot


why the beaches, forests and desserts that I'm sure he'd have forgotten

that he created all of this or experience the splendor of it since he

took a vacation.

That would explain why he's so oblivious.

surreal poetry

About the author

Kassy Mannoua Amoi

I am an actor, writer and artist dedicated to the creation of happiness so boundless that it shatters all obstacles in the way of unity.

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