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Birds and Fruit

by Kassy Mannoua Amoi 2 years ago in nature poetry
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an ode to the symbiotic truth

A dove pigeon in Thailand enjoying a mango

A bright sunny day shines upon my face

Mask on, someone's coming am I far away?!


I breathe in and out without fogging up my glasses

I survey the surroundings the weight of a world surrounding

Crumbling away!

My thoughts race to unmarked militia stealing protesters

I have a friend in Portland, is she safe?

I can't say...

A bird chirps and flits past my face

Dissolving my thoughts, my anxiety fades

Food for the day!

I shift my attention his way or hers

Not sure anyone can tell from so far away

In any case...

I watch as they peck happily

at an apple core thrown away

Ants make the perfect topping

The pecking becomes hurried

relentlessly, never stopping

My smile forms as I'm quietly watching

Nature find a way

Maybe this time some would say found

Since I know nothing of the journey

before they were food bound

I try not making a sound

Just watching and breathing

my smile could shine through my mask now

because it serves as a reminder to me

Nature finds a way, unceasing.

nature poetry

About the author

Kassy Mannoua Amoi

I am an actor, writer and artist dedicated to the creation of happiness so boundless that it shatters all obstacles in the way of unity.

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