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Poems from Journal Titled, Black and Blue (2018 - 2019

By Alyssa "Lefty" P.Published 3 years ago 1 min read
A bruise always changes colors before it heals.


Poem derived from my first completed journal, Black and Blue (2018-2019). Written September 5th 2018.


If you were to pick up the

phone, write "Can I come over?" and press


If you were to stop me in my footsteps

and tell me I look beautiful today and

you want to see me with something sexier on

this weekend,

If you wanted no one to know who makes your

toes curl up

as I run my nails down your long, strong back,

and we only found our Love in the Sky,

away from anyone who could try to stop us from reaching the

climatic ecstasy that keeps us

sane in an asylum...

If you stopped appearing in my dreams,

and started kissing me goodnight

on my lips down to my waist...

If I wasn't so afraid to tell you

how I really feel

In fear you might judge me

or never want me in the same way...

If only you knew

how much I respect

and admire you and

love how much your smile and laugh spark

the light in my soul,

because you already make my heart

skip a beat when you look into my eyes

knowing you mean business and business only.

If only you knew I felt this way from the beginning...

& time and absence in the heart made this

grow deeper and fonder...

If only something in these lines makes you

feel the same.


About the Creator

Alyssa "Lefty" P.

28 year-old NuYoRican from Spanish Harlem who has a passion for writing, learning, achieving peace, faith, and empowering others. I've established a career as an educator and career counselor for over five years. Instagram: @alyssaleftyp

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