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If Darkness Is A Predator...

...Then That Makes Us The Prey.

By Jessica PhoenixPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
If Darkness Is A Predator...
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Escape, was all I could think of as I sat alone in the dark.

Couldn't see, couldn't breathe,

Lonely as prey waiting to be caught by a shark.

It was useless, trying to get away.

Pain took root in my mind as I wished to be free.

Something in me twisted as I thought of

Everything that could never be.

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About the Creator

Jessica Phoenix

I like to dig deep into things and find out their true meanings, and while I don't always succeed, it's exhilarating to try.

I write for challenges sometimes, but you'll also find me writing little stories for fun.



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    Jessica PhoenixWritten by Jessica Phoenix

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