I Want to Feel

I never really loved you.

I Want to Feel

it's like you took away the part of me that I loved the most

the part of me that felt so much

the part of me that had so much to give

I started to believe you

started to believe that I was too much

I started to change for you

I became numb

I put out my fire

hid my burning passions in a closet for no one to see

you think you had me

but all you had was just a shielded version of me

a girl that was not real

a girl created by who she used to be

just trying to get you to love her

she just wanted to feel

that girl is now me

and I'm fighting back with all I have

I'm digging that passion out from the closet

dusting it off and looking for matches

because now I know I have to be me

and if who I was when I was with you

was a girl I never really knew

the whole story makes sense now:

I never really loved you

the whole damn time all I felt

was utter turmoil in my veins

like my heart was trying so hard

to tell me something I couldn't see

but I didn't listen

I got lost in the game

that's what I was to you, right?

you knew if you tried you could win

but I could see your poker face

right there in plain sight

I look back on us and I feel nothing

all you are is a stranger to me

who I don't really care to know

all I want now is to feel again

it's like all my emotions are buried in snow

some spring day i'll start to feel

with someone who sees

my madness as a wildflower

and my heart as a honeybee

fueling my fire

to ignite all our dreams

like you never did for me

Nicole Delmonico
Nicole Delmonico
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