Why Must I Feel Everything so Deeply

Cookie Crumbs

Why Must I Feel Everything so Deeply

my mind is a complicated thing

almost as if i'm a different breed

some days i feel so far

isolated from the energetic field

where the others bounce around

i'm on another wavelength

searching for the tide that matches mine

i think i've been given something more

a taste into the unkown

that so many die searching for

and i'm coming to terms with it

starting to embrace my precious gift

it's not quite so painful anymore

but i feel so deeply

like i'm missing my skin

i'm all open flesh and my soul is unveiled

sometimes i lose little bits of it

i think they run ahead to where i'm meant to be

when i catch up they let themselves back in

and i start feeling whole again

i know where i'm going

i just don't know where i'm going

my path is made of cookie crumbs

my soul has left for me

sad poetry
Nicole Delmonico
Nicole Delmonico
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