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I Surrender to You

by Yary Rivera 4 years ago in love poems
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I Surrender to You

I Surrender To You

Life has had its hard times

Which have made me who I am

Most times cold as ice

Most times even hard to stand

Yet every time I see myself in your eyes

I surrender to you

I have tried hard to stand on my own

Making sure to never need

Even wanting to be alone

Trying hard to succeed

People can be so cruel

It gets harder and harder to protect myself in this cocoon

I try keeping these walls thick

Morning, night and noon shifts

But all it takes is for you to knock

And it all comes crumbling down

Can't even pick up the pieces from the ground

I surrender to you

You inspire me in every way

You make me strong when I feel weak

You make me weak when I play strong

I feel naked in your eyes

I feel like you can see what I have protected for so long

I am terrified to have it all out there

So accessible to you

If you broke my heart it would never be the same

No matter how much glue

Sooo vulnerable is how I feel

Crazy scared about trusting you in my world like this

Scared to think how fast this can all come to an end

I can't afford to miss

I think of trying harder to protect my heart from this

Trying my best to save myself from the inevitable pain

But when I think of your warm and tender kiss

There is nothing else to do, I have no game

I surrender to you....

just like this

I want to always be yours

in every single way

Don't go...

Please stay

love poems

About the author

Yary Rivera

Mom, grandmomma, friend... just me, simply yet complicated me.

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