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I miss you


By CotardDelusionzPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Image made by @lightbeyondtheframe on IG


Where'd you go

Can you see me

Am I in your dream

Are you with me


Where'd you go

I can see you're not here

I feel so far away

I just want to be with you


Stay with me

Keep your eyes open

I miss your eyes

When they didn't have heavy lids



Stay with me

You're so heavy

I can't keep holding any longer

But I don't want to stop carrying

You're my baby

Why are you so heavy

Where's my baby

Because it's not before me

Where have you gone

What made you feel so alone

That they were the only thing you could go to

Hello, I see you

I wish I could tell you

I wish I could hold you

The way you hold me

But my body is so heavy

I'm not as strong as you

You're so lovely

I try to keep my eyes wide open

For as long as I can

You can't save me

I am nothing

Let the world take me

I have withered away

Below is the only way I can go

Let me sink, baby

That's why I'm so heavy

Stop fighting

Let go

So you can grow

You can't save me

I'm sorry

This is for me

I will miss your eyes gazing

I will miss your

This is pointless because what I miss now I have missed for millenniums

The world took me a long time ago

But I just couldn't let it all go

Just a spectator

It was all so unbearable

I trapped my soul

In this cursed body

It's time for me to let it all go

I don't want to be your entrapment

You're holding onto just a broken fragment

The rest of me shattered

so significantly

in the shadows

so quietly

till it was nothing.

It was breaking down for a long time

But to you, it seems instantly,

I'm going so blissfully.

My soul is ready to break free.

My greatest memory will be your worst

Because I'm going so selfishly.


Are you still there

Why do you have to go so quickly

Why do you get to be selfish

We are all going through something

Why wasn't I enough for you

I wish I could've taken the burden off your soul

I guess there are some things we are incapable

We're only human

I wish I could've been your angel

I hate how I couldn't save you

I'm so sorry

My baby

Your body floats compared to this burden I feel in my soul

It's so heavy

I wish you were here to help me carry it all

So much pain, the pain of many generations,

It's too much for one to hold.

My pain is reversing


Within me

Because I am screaming at nothing

Nothing is reaching

You aren't waking

Why aren't you reacting

No matter how much I scream

Please wake up my baby


I can't do this alone.

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About the Creator


I have Bpd, Ocd, Adhd, and MDD. Most of the things I write will be an expression of that in a desperate attempt to keep my sanity.

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