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I Love Myself

Since the age of 11

By Intelligent MovementPublished 5 years ago 2 min read
"Innocence taken away through brainwashing airwaves"

Since the age of 11

I’ve been haunted by September 11

Innocence taken away through brainwashing airwaves

Slaves to a TV set

I learned not to expect

An open hand

But to accept open hands

To trust the falling sand

And hands of Time

Following my parents guidance of “one day I will understand”

These days, I’ve been speaking with ghosts

Those who are no longer in the physical still seem close

I ought to have a sixth sense

To see how cycles repeat and gyres end

I weigh both sides of the libra scale finding balance

Trying to give off a side of me that’s Gallant

When their goal is to take the gold inside of me

Inside the soul and scold me when I say

What are these measly beans?

I must believe in fairy tales

Cause I even waited for a cool beanstalk

Finding nothing but this cold earth

And a heart with open hurt

My lashes you cannot see

But Master won’t you please just forgive our people

And let us be

Like before your decree

To take over the world slowly

Viral infections, this manifest destiny are creating the new zombies

I already knew what it was like

R.eye.P Tupac and Biggie

Now I know what it’s like growing up in a White Manz World

So lord PLEASE

Give me the strength to PERSEVERE

I see teachers looking at me now with fear

Friends are hard to come by and strangers just seem to leer

I love myself

That got me through elementary

Form follows function

Finesse these flows to finality

The message remains clear

I love myself

That got me through elementary

So when they say I’m nothing

Do I correct them?

Cause nothing is something

I’ve learned that the hard way

I love nothing

Nothing is my existence

A grain of clay that’s what we are in this pool of space

Nothing is what I will go to when nothing happens in the face of demise

Nothing is everything to me

As you was living in self-perceived abundance

I’ve been thankful for nothing

Because you are blind, can’t you see?

Like a tapeworm in a wild animal's gut

You are a parasite, with no inner vision or insight

To leach on the walls and soak in the hate of others you produce your vile creations of deceit

You disgust me

I wish you could see all the lives you’ve destroyed

Families you’ve torn apart

So I sip water slowly

The elixir of life

Heal with 4ll 7ove

Heart, honour and respect

It’s nothing, it may seem, but everything to me

That I love myself

Feel me?


~Q&A 2016

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