I, Khali

Everything I been through done made me into who I am

I, Khali

Could it be me, gifted with such a talent that he could

turn disrespecting desperation into trails of greatness which shines like nuggets?

What was that talent, o’ wise one?

Skill of conception, unnerving creativity?

That is correct, great going.

Could it be me, chosen to be the one who will change this downwards trend in my family?

Everyone in it headed toward their own personal

hells perforated with defeating despair, enough to

snatch every fiber of your soul away.

Sealing your destiny into an urn.

Could it be me who could rescue everyone from danger?

Being that I am a chosen one, I am one of the chosen few.

That is a dance group.

But, I am no dancer.


I know how to make these words on the pages of my sagas

Harlem shake, tap dance, and hit spin moves.

Could it be me, unstoppable?

No matter who says I cannot do it—

there I am, always proving em’ wrong.

Making opportunity after opportunity manifest.

I, Khali—

Am the one who makes it so.

Khali Raymond (savage writer)
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
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Khali Raymond (savage writer)

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