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I Fell for Jesters

A poem by P. Coyne

By P. CoynePublished about a year ago 1 min read
Thank you Canva.com for free templates and images to allow me to create free covers for my stories among other things!

I fell for the Jesters.

Although Kings kissed the ground I walked on.

I fell for the Jesters.

I gave second chances to fools and to serfs my lips could easily call upon.

I fell for the Jesters.

They bruise my heart with every jingle of their cap n’ bells.

My eyes manifest tears with every laugh inflicted by the entertainer.

I fell for the Jesters and all their different hells.

Witticisms drip from his tongue not quite as often as his criticisms.

The Jester dances over my spine to see how far I’ll bend before I break.

He picks out my flaws and wears them as brightly as the colors of his vest.

His grins turn to scowls when the crowd disperses from the illusions he’ll create.

Fools I will fall for no more,

Their winkle peckers will no longer tap on each nerve.

I refuse the Kings as much as a common peasant for,

Gods should worship me since that is what I deserve.

No longer will I fall for the Jesters.


About the Creator

P. Coyne

I like to use writing as an outlet for feelings and creativity. I hope you enjoy what you find and find a reason to stay!!

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