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I Dream of a Place

A Poem

By Auta KindPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

When I'm sad or hopeless,

I dream of a place.

A place where the sun shines so bright

that the usual blue fog turns into variant shades of

orange and yellow and red.

A place where I'm on a rather large, green hill.

And, there's trees scattered across it.

And, there is this patch of land that is untouched.

A place where I can see clouds underneath me.

Their rolls and creases visible from where I stand.

A place where the sky is an ombre of colors ranging from warm to cool.

And, the stars are shining brightly.

And, they are noticeable to the naked eye.

A place where I can see civilizations for miles.

Where I can see stories unfolding.

Where I can see the places marked by ancient people.

A place where I'm finally at peace in my life.

Where I have my eyes closed and a smile is etched on my face.

A place where I feel complete and utterly happy.

And I believe that one day,

I'll visit that place.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Auta Kind

A girl caught between dreams and reality.

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