I Had a Vision in the Summertime

by Auta Kind 9 months ago in sad poetry

A Poem

I Had a Vision in the Summertime

I had a vision,

In the summer.

In this vision,

I was lying down on a metal-framed bed.

My bed was slim and saturated with excrement.

And I fastened my hazel eyes to the caving ceiling.

In this vision,

I perched up from my past position

My bed creaked with each move I caused.

My eyes detached themselves from the gloomy ceiling

To peer around the house in which my soul remained inside.

In this vision,

I gazed around at my surrounding.

I was in a vast and filthy upstairs den.

I recognized that something had rubbed the surface design off

And that something had wrenched parts of the cement off.

In this vision,

I rose from the narrow metalled bed.

I wandered to the terrace was to my front.

The terrace was wide, metalled, and screeching.

In this vision,

I could smell the odor of fire

Burning nature and everything that remained in its route.

The stench made my nose squinch at the terror.

It was impenetrable.

In this vision,

I could hear men screaming

As they shot their machines guns

And stayed in the pathway of explosives.

I wanted my ears to be selective.

But it was inconceivable.

In this vision,

I could see women rushing to hid behind objects

While seeking to avert being hit in the outcome of extermination.

My pupils gaze down at the ground beneath the terrace.

Horrified at looking at the deceased underneath it.

My eyes wished to unsee what I had known,

But that was impractical.

In this vision,

I could feel the ash from the fires land on my skin

While I rushed down the stairs of the terrace.

I could hear the sobs of the families and children

As I ran down the metal treads.

My heart constricted in my breast

As I knew the anguish of families.

My heart yearned to not understand

But that wasn’t appropriate.

In this vision,

I rushed to the bottom of the rundown house.

My eyes caught the terror more with trauma.

My nose could inhale the fire and rifle smoke clearer.

My ears could pick up the sobs and wails of every human.

My heart clenched tighter at the picture I was resting in.

My senses grasped the terror before my mind could discern.

In this vision,

I realized that what I was watching was forthcoming.

It was what our world will turn out like if we resided in loathing.

It was the impending future that humans would experience.

The view of the frightening future was one I rejected to live in

So I made a good-hearted choice prevent this potential fate.

To love every human instead of hating every human.

I saw,

In the summer.

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