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I don’t speak “Cave”

by Yona Vaughan about a year ago in social commentary
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From The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

I don't speak "Cave" 


Some people aren't as evolved as they think. 

Blind ignorance causes many to sink into negative 

primal instincts like they are missing links. 


But they're not extinct, and are found to be all around 

sounding a "Cave" language the unevolved crave to

hear. With clubs and "Ughs!" they cheer words

heard by the caveman. 


Such clans have expanded out their caves. And

behave as though they know the ins-and-outs of

things they know nothing about. 


The less they know, the more they shout. And will

pout when their stunted grunts are stumped by reason. 

An advanced stance on anything does not please them. 


Some may want to ease them toward becoming evolved. 

But that involves progression of thought and sought

out understanding which can be too demanding for

some, and that's okay. 


What causes dismay is relaying ignorance and spreading

intolerance, with no sense, that it sets the human race

back to a place I refuse to go. Because I don't speak "Cave.”

Excerpt From

The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

by Yona Vaughan

social commentary

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Yona Vaughan

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